North Eastern Massachusetts
Law Enforcement Council

Public Safety through Regional Partnerships



Control Chief Chief Michael Begonis
Wilmington Police Department
Assistant Control Chief Chief Timothy Sheehan
Tewksbury Police Department
Assistant Control Chief Chief John C. Fisher
Carlisle Police Department
Commanding Officer-in-Charge Lt. Steve Chaput Dracut Police Department
Lt. Carmine Vivolo Somerville Police Department
Sgt. Pat Towle - Bedford Police Department

The primary purpose for the establishment of the NEMLEC RRT and SWAT teams was to share equipment and manpower. Having been formed in 1967, the NEMLEC Chiefs of Police expressed a need for a large group of well-trained police officers to assist the NEMLEC communities with law enforcement issues beyond the resources of the individual NEMLEC police agencies.

The Regional Response Team (RRT) is a tactical unit comprised of sworn police officers that consistently train to provide NEMLEC members and communities with a highly trained and well-equipped tactical unit that can be deployed in the event of an emergency or major event. The units main focus is to provide an adequate number of highly trained tactical officers to combat civil disturbances, to assist with man-made and natural disasters, to aid in search and rescue missions, and to assist the NEMLEC communities when additional resources are necessary.

The Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) is a unit that trains for and responds to critical incidents. This highly trained and well-equipped unit provides life saving assistance when NEMLEC communities must deal with active shooters, armed barricaded subjects, hostage takers and terrorists. The SWAT Team also provides assistance with high-risk warrant services and dignitary protection details.

The goals of the NEMLEC RRT and SWAT teams include:

  • To maintain the highest level of readiness;
  • To ensure that the proper training and equipment is afforded to the RRT and SWAT Teams;
  • To prepare to respond to the NEMLEC communities immediately, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Every NEMLEC agency is asked to have personnel on the Rapid Response Team. This assures that in an emergency, in any NEMLEC jurisdiction, RRT will always have unit member responding in his/her own jurisdiction. If needed, they can advise and inform RRT/SWAT leadership about any unique circumstances, background and/or community concerns, and can provide information about potential response plans and affects.

RRT/SWAT has expertise in additional areas that can be utilized by law enforcement agencies. Within this unit are:

  • Crisis/Hostage Negotiators
  • Mountain Bike Team

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