North Eastern Massachusetts
Law Enforcement Council

Public Safety through Regional Partnerships


What We Do

NEMLEC functions in many respects as a specialized, regional policing operation. Each executive officer commits resources from his/her law enforcement agency to assist other members in an effort to increase and improve their individual and collective capabilities, and to provide effective policing services. This shared-resource approach has served NEMLEC and its communities well throughout its long history. This concept has not only enabled NEMLEC members to administer their agencies more efficiently by utilizing bulk purchasing, collaborative grant applications, and regionally coordinated training exercises, but the shared resource approach has also been successfully applied to the operational needs of the NEMLEC agencies. By working collaboratively, the NEMLEC agencies and their communities derive the benefits of bringing a more cohesive policing strategy to the region, taking advantage of the unique talent and expertise that exists among all NEMLEC agencies, and gaining an expanded workforce when necessary. Member agencies most often utilize NEMLECs operational units: Computer Crime, Motorcycle Unit, Regional Communications, Incident Management Assistance (IMAT) RRT/SWAT, and STARS. There are numerous other resources available as well (see Resource section).

While NEMLEC has continued to grow and adapt to meet the needs of the times, it has been guided by a set of enduring principles and goals:

  • Local officials retain control within their community
  • Strive to uphold the core values of professional policing through ethical decision-making based on integrity, morality, and respect for the dignity and diversity of all
  • Ensure communication, coordination, and interaction between member agencies
  • Enhance regional services through the adoption of emerging technologies
  • Increase efficiency and cost effectiveness of member agencies through mutual partnerships
  • Provide continuous professional development and training based upon identified regional needs

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